Between novel and reality

When choosing the characters who were to become the heroes of his major Alexander Dumas' elected four personalities, who really existed but we must confess that he took some liberties with chronology.

Athos, earl of Frère (Armand de Sillègue d' Athos and Autebielle). He was the youngest son of a family based in Sauveterre de Béarn, on Oloron river.

Porthos, du vallon de Brarieux de Pierrefonds (his real name was Isaac de Porthou) was born in Pau in 1617. He also was the youngest son of a family, based in Sainte Lanne in Baretous near by Sainte Marie d’Oloron.

Aramis, (his real name was Henry d’Aramitz), he was a laical abbe in the village called Aramis, a few kilometres from Oloron Sainte Marie.

D'Artagnan, was born in Lupiac (right in the middle of the area producing the Armagnac liquor) between 1609 and 1613 in the family castle called "Castelmore" (the exact date remains uncertain).

Charles de Batz de Castelmore was also the last born son of the family. Exactly like the three previous fellows, fighting was his dedicated career.


They cultural background was the same

There is no chance in the fact that Alexandre Dumas, make them meet in sir de Tourville's lobby in Paris. The Three first cadets de Gascogne was already incorporated in the king's musketeers regiment, and Sir D'Artagnan was recently arrived in Paris. Their mother tongue, Occitan, was the same, their keen and ability to use a sword called "rapière", their taste for good food, good wines, and more specify for good Armagnac were the same. The reason was simple: they came exactly from the same region.